Platonic Esoteric Geometry

Tuesdays nights, 8 pm, weekly from 15 October 2019, Melbourne, North side

  • Get in touch with the universal form of experience
  • Open your eyes to similarity and self-similarity in nature, art and architecture.
  • Practice geometry as the ancients did without the tyranny of scale, without the distraction of numbers, without equations or algebra, and discover why it is the gateway to Platonism.

This is a free informal pilot of a formal course planned for our new venue next year.

Course covers:

  • Similarity, self-similarity without number or algebra
  • Proportion and Fractals Pythagoras’ Theorem & Doubling the Square
  • Golden Section
  • Geometry of Music Platonic Solids (make your own)
  • Gnomic Expansions Geometry of Music
  • Platonic Solids (make your own)

What to bring:

  • Plain paper (ideally an exercise book but with no lines)
  • Graph paper
  • Ruler
  • Geometric compass (for drawing circles)