Eric Timewell Memorial Lecture

The Geometry of Harmony” | Bernie Lewin & Achilles Yiangoulli | 4 pm, Saturday, 2 December 2023 | Kathleen Syme Centre | Free (donations accepted) | All welcome | RSVP necessary for attendance |

In 2023 the Academy decided to institute an annual public lecture on topics of interest that are outside the normal scope of its courses.

This first lecture will be exceptional. Eric Timewell had often discussed ideas for a stand-alone presentation on Pythagorean harmony. We asked whether this could be our inaugural annual lecture. Eric never said no. It seemed appropriate that this, our first “Eric Timewell” Annual Lecture, should be inspired by Eric’s previous talks on beauty and harmony and by some further developments for the new presentation that he never had time to deliver.

UPDATE: This lecture is not in place of a planned memorial gathering to celebrate Eric’s life. That occasion is still to be announced.