Autumn Salon: Sufism & Platonism

| Afternoon tea | 3pm Saturday, 18 May | in Doncaster | RSVP essential for attendance |

UPDATE: Recording of Bruce Xu’s talk (unedited)

Sufism: Light in the Cave
In the first few centuries following the Islam conquest, Eastern mystics called “Sufi” gathered huge followings, and some attained great political influence. Where did Sufism come from? There is so much more to early Sufism than the poetry of Rumi and the ecstatic dance of the Dervish, but it’s mystical teachings always present striking sympathies with Platonism. Bruce Xu will introduce us to Sufism and consider its historical roots in late antique neo-Platonism.
| Students, old and new, family and friends are all welcome. | Numbers strictly limited | RSVP essential via eventbrite |


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