Remembering Eric Timewell

Eric Timewell was a keen student and teacher at the Platonic Academy. His presentations on the geometry of music inspired many of our students. Eric died suddenly last week (18Oct23). A memorial gathering to celebrate his life and contribution will be announced with an update to this post.
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Eric Timewell

Eric had such diverse interests that the related friendship circles did not always overlap. Until Eric’s death is more formally announced, it may be helpful to his other friends, his associates, students and patients if we note here that Eric is remembered as:

  • Psychotherapist (teaching, In-depth interviewing, Freudian/Masterson)
  • Psychotheraphist for AIDS patients and AIDS Educator during the AIDS Crisis
  • Gardener, rose gardener, rose garden benefactor, rose breeding historian
  • Book editor, book designer, reviewer and advisor, including at Black Inc
  • Classical music buff and historian
  • Asthete of nature, of the Australian alpine landscape under snow
  • Asthete of architecture, of Islamic design, of Italian, French and Cambodian culture
  • Master of the art of conversation, a writer and reader of poetry and an enthusiast for philosophy and the history of ideas.
Eric Timewell (1942-2023)