Autumn Sessions starting soon

Plato and Aristotle as depicted by Raphael in the School of Athens 1511
Plato pointing up, Aristotle pointing down in Raphael’s School of Athens

Places are still available in our Autumn evening classes starting the week of Monday 12 April 2021. If you are new to Plato and philosophy, we recommend for starters Reading Plato [NOW BOOKING FOR WINTER]. Continuing students are challenged to go deeper into Platonic philosophy by reading Plato’s Theaetetus [BOOKED OUT]. Delve into the geometric imagination behind the dialogues by practicing Platonic Esoteric Geometry [BOOKED OUT]. Meanwhile, Happy Easter!

Autumn 2021 enrolments now open

Greek vase depicting young men anointing with oil after exercising in the gymnasium.
In Plato’s Theaetetus, a brilliant geometry student is engaged by Socrates after anointing at the gymnasium.

Enrolments are now open for Autumn evening classes starting after Easter 2021. Those who are new to philosophy and Plato would best take our foundation course Reading Plato [BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED]. A new course for advanced students will be reading one of Plato’s great offerings to our tradition, the Theaetetus. This dialogue between Socrates and his young look-alike, Theaetetus, surveys several answers to the question: What is it to know something? Those who missed out on our first run of Platonic Esoteric Geometry will be pleased to hear that it is running gain. This hands-on class will convene in the Lonsdale Street classrooms, while the other classes remain online due to ongoing COVID restrictions.

Summer Sessions starting soon

Doubling the Square

The full force of the southern Summer is finally upon us, and so it’s time to strip down to the toga for a heady dialogue with Plato.

If you have not already claimed a place in the circle, then there is still space in our February-March courses. But don’t dally! Bookings must close in the next few days.

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Summer 2021 enrolments open

Portrait of Luca Pacioli, ?Jacopo de' Barbari? (1500 AD)
Portrait of Luca Pacioli, attributed to Jacopo de’ Barbari (ca. 1500)

Enrolments are now open for Summer evening classes, starting February 2021. We plan to be back in the classrooms in Lonsdale Street, although online attendance is also available. See the complete list on the Courses page.

The courses running this Summer include the foundation course Reading Plato, recommended for those new to Plato and philosophy. Plato’s Republic is also back by popular demand. And then, finally, there is the course that we are most excited about, namely Platonic Esoteric Geometry. [UPDATE: BOOKED OUT] This compass & ruler hands-on class was scheduled to run just before COVID hit. It had to be cancelled because it could not run online, which also means that this time around it is the only course without an online attendance option.

Twilight Sessions starting soon

Moses conversing with Hermes in front of Isis (Pinturicchio, 1495, Borgia Apartments Vatican)
Moses conversing with Hermes in front of Isis (Pinturicchio, 1495, Borgia Apartments, Vatican)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Twilight Sessions. Platonism and Christianity (from Mon, 9 Nov) is now booked out, but there are still a couple of places in our introductory course, Reading Plato (from Tues, 10 Nov). If you are enrolled in either course, but have not received a welcome email (with the zoom link), then please contact us.

Classes for 2021 will begin in February. By then we hope to be back in the classrooms in Lonsdale Street Melbourne, while still offering online attendance for our out-of-town friends. Three courses will be offered: Reading Plato, Plato’s Republic and Platonic Esoteric Geometry (new).

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