Bookings now open for Spring Term

| Ancient Greek Language & the 1st Philosophers, from Mon 19 Aug | Plato’s Myths from Wed 21 Aug |

One of Plato’s most vivid myths is of the soul as a wing-horse chariot (source unknown)

On Monday nights join us for a gentle introduction to ancient Greek language starting with alpha, beta, gamma… Already after a few classes we will consider some of the fragments of those first philosopher who appeared two and three generations prior to Plato. Book First Philosophers

On Wednesday nights we meet for a brand new course focusing in on some of the most famous myths found in Plato’s dialogues. Join us to read and discussing these fascinating stories — and explore the unique role that myth played in Plato’s work. Book Plato’s Myths

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Winter Term: Platonism & Christianity

| Platonism & Christianity | 6 weekly classes | from Monday 17 June, 2024 | in Lonsdale St (+online) |

Hermes Trimegistus giving the Egyptian Law to Moses (Siena Cathedral)

Hellenistic culture had been transforming Jewish society already for three centuries up to the time of Christ. Soon after that, Judaism took a sharp turn back to its roots, while Hellenistic Judaism disappeared. Or did it? We might say that it thrived – thriving as Christianity.

Join us from Monday 17 June for Platonism and Christianity [BOOKED OUT] where we explore the extent to which Christianity began as a Hellenistic religion, and then discover the ingenious modes of influence by which Platonism and neo-Platonism shaped its theology and mythology during its first six centuries.

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Autumn Term bookings now open

Plato’s Republic Part 2 from Wednesday, 17 April | Platonic Esoteric geometry weekend immersion on 11 & 12 May

Preparations for Geometry Part 2

This special hands-on Geometry weekend (11-12 May) will be made suitable for both beginners and continuing students. [BOOKINGS CLOSED]

Plato’s Republic Part 2 (from 17 Apr) does not require completion of Part 1 and it covers the famous philosophical passages of this most famous book. [BOOKINGS CLOSED]

Reading Plato: An Introduction to Philosophy will run in Winter TWILIGHT Term from Monday 17 June WEDNESDAY 23 OCT (Bookings Open).

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