Spring Term bookings now open

For the Spring Term, we are travelling to Greece for a study tour of Platonic sites (3-12 Oct 2023).

Late bookings for this tour will still be accepted at least until the end of August. All are welcome, even those who have never studied with us. And, as we are exiting from Athens (not Melbourne), participants can join us in Athens from anywhere else in the world. [BOOKINGS CLOSED]

For those who can’t make it to Greece, we have The Socratic turn in Plato’s Phaedo: an introduction to classical philosophy [BOOKED OUT]. This entirely new course starting Tuesday 5 September 2023 is a collaboration with ISP taught by Martin Black.

Winter Term enrolments now open

Enrolments are now open for Winter evening classes starting the week of Monday, 19 June 2023. 

Das Gastmahl des Platon (1869) by Anselm Feuerbach | Source: Wikipedia

“The Symposium of Plato” Anselm Feuerbach, ca. 1873

The classroom heat will be turned up for our final term before heading over to sunny Greece (join us in Greece).

So, grab your coat and troop on in (or take the soft option with zoom).
Beginners and continuing students are welcome in all courses this term.

  • Mondays: Geometry continues with colourful spirals and tiles
    (hands-on only | no zoom). [BOOKINGS CLOSED]
  • Tuesday: Learning the Greek language used by Plato [BOOKED OUT]
  • Wednesdays: Read Plato’s Symposium and Phaedrus in Platonic Love [BOOKED OUT].

Autumn term starting soon

Places are still available for evening classes starting the week of Monday 17 April 2023.

Image credit: Gosta Lindwall
Atlantis according to the description in Plato’s Critias (as depicted by the artist Gosta Lindwall)

And remember to book soon for our study tour of Greece: