Spring Term bookings now open

For the Spring Term, we are travelling to Greece for a study tour of Platonic sites (3-12 Oct 2023).

Late bookings for this tour will still be accepted at least until the end of August. All are welcome, even those who have never studied with us. And, as we are exiting from Athens (not Melbourne), participants can join us in Athens from anywhere else in the world. [BOOKINGS CLOSED]

For those who can’t make it to Greece, we have The Socratic turn in Plato’s Phaedo: an introduction to classical philosophy [BOOKED OUT]. This entirely new course starting Tuesday 5 September 2023 is a collaboration with ISP taught by Martin Black.

Summer term enrolments now open

Plotinus bust
Plotinus, the great neo-Platonist lived during the 3rd century AD.

Enrolments are now open for Summer evening classes starting the week of Monday 13 February 2023. For all courses, see the Courses page.

This year is looking to be our busiest yet. Geometry [BOOKINGS CLOSED] is back and so is the Ancient Greek language course for beginners [BOOKINGS CLOSED]. There are also a number of firsts…

  • The first weekday morning class
    Those free during the day who have not yet taken our introductory course, Reading Plato [BOOKINGS CLOSED] might consider taking the class starting at 11 am on Thursday, 16 February. Our North American friends might want to login at 4pm on the West Coast or 7pm in the East.
  • The first course in neo-Platonism
    We will be reading from Plotinus’s Enneads [BOOKINGS CLOSED].
  • The first course delivered at the historical sites in Greece
    All are welcome on our 10-day Greek tour starting 3 October 2023 but booking right now.

| Only Geometry has no online option | Discounts for members. |

A Platonic pilgrimage to Greece

Myths, Morals & Mysticism: A Journey into Platonism | Tour of Greece | 3-12 October 2023 | exit Athens | details and bookings |

UPDATE 4 JULY: A couple of places are still available through Touchdown Tours | watch the info webinar |

Mystras in the hills above Sparta where Platonism was revived in the 15th century

For Spring term 2023 the Platonic Academy of Melbourne will be travelling to Greece for a special course delivered on the historical sites key to the development of Platonism. We trace the history of Platonism from the first Academy established by Plato in Athens in the 4th century BC through to medieval Mystras, from where Gemistos Plethon took the renaissance of Platonic science Westward in 1438.

This is a small group tour with numbers strictly limited. Details and bookings through Touchdown tours.

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