A Platonic pilgrimage to Greece

Myths, Morals & Mysticism: A Journey into Platonism | Tour of Greece | 3-12 October 2023 | exit Athens | details and bookings |

UPDATE 4 JULY: A couple of places are still available through Touchdown Tours | watch the info webinar |

Mystras in the hills above Sparta where Platonism was revived in the 15th century

For Spring term 2023 the Platonic Academy of Melbourne will be travelling to Greece for a special course delivered on the historical sites key to the development of Platonism. We trace the history of Platonism from the first Academy established by Plato in Athens in the 4th century BC through to medieval Mystras, from where Gemistos Plethon took the renaissance of Platonic science Westward in 1438.

This is a small group tour with numbers strictly limited. Details and bookings through Touchdown tours.

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Platonism & Christianity talk at the Hellenic Museum

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The Hellenic Museum and the Platonic Academy invite you to a talk on the many and varied ways that Plato and Platonism influenced the development of Christianity.

| 11 am, Saturday, 19 June 2021| Hellenic Museum | 280 William St, Melbourne | Pre-booking necessary | Tickets includes Museum entry |

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