Platonism & Christianity talk at the Hellenic Museum

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The Hellenic Museum and the Platonic Academy invite you to a talk on the many and varied ways that Plato and Platonism influenced the development of Christianity.

| 11 am, Saturday, 19 June 2021| Hellenic Museum | 280 William St, Melbourne | Pre-booking necessary | Tickets includes Museum entry |

The blurb:
Platonism played an important role in the development of early Christianity and is essential to a deep understanding of the Christian theological tradition. Join the Hellenic Museum and Bernie Lewin, from the Platonic Academy of Melbourne, for a fascinating lecture which explores the multifaceted relationship between Platonism and Christianity, from the emergence of Hellenistic Judaism to the Platonic revival during the Renaissance.

The full six week course Platonism and Christianity will run again in spring. Watch for details in coming weeks. Otherwise, see the Courses page for all our offerings this Winter.