Geometry in the Sacred Architecture of Melbourne

| Study tour | 9.30 – 11.30 am, Saturday 13 August | Departing St Patrick’s Cathedral, East Melbourne | Current & former students welcome (+1 friend/family) | Restricted numbers: RSVP essential for attendance |

Dynamic pentagrams, Saint Paul’s Cathedral, Melbourne

We have something special for our Winter term break-up. One of our students, Arthur Andronas, has invited us on a tour of the sacred architecture that he is helping to conserve. The tour will finish at Saint Paul’s Cathedral in Flinders Street, after which you might join us for brunch.
RSVP is essential for attendance

POST-EVENT UPDATE: Photos from the day can be found on our FB site, including here and here.

One thought on “Geometry in the Sacred Architecture of Melbourne”

  1. RSVP: I would like to attend the event ‘Geometry in the Sacred Architecture of Melbourne’ 09:30-11:30 Saturday 13 August from St Patrick’s Cathedral.

    I am uncertain of joining in for brunch. If you have to book ahead, likely best to leave me out.

    All the very best to the Platonic Academy


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