Spring term starting soon

Orpheus charms the beasts (source: Dallas Museum of Art)

Places are still available in all Spring evening classes starting the week of Monday, 23 August, 2021.

If you are new to Plato and philosophy, then we recommend for starters Reading Plato [BOOKINGS CLOSED]. If you ever wondered about the origins of Christianity then you might try Platonism and Christianity [BOOKED OUT]. In the new course for continuing students [BOOKED OUT], we will be reading not only the Timaeus (cosmology), but also a curious set of short dialogues: Critias (the Atlantis myth), Meno (learning-as-recollection) and Ion (enthusiastic rhapsody).

All classes were planned to be online-only using zoom, except Reading Plato (classroom + online option). However, with a likely extension of the Melbourne lockdown, it looks like Reading Plato will also move to online-only.

See more on the Courses page.