Summer 2021 enrolments open

Portrait of Luca Pacioli, ?Jacopo de' Barbari? (1500 AD)
Portrait of Luca Pacioli, attributed to Jacopo de’ Barbari (ca. 1500)

Enrolments are now open for Summer evening classes, starting February 2021. We plan to be back in the classrooms in Lonsdale Street, although online attendance is also available. See the complete list on the Courses page.

The courses running this Summer include the foundation course Reading Plato, recommended for those new to Plato and philosophy. Plato’s Republic is also back by popular demand. And then, finally, there is the course that we are most excited about, namely Platonic Esoteric Geometry. [UPDATE: BOOKED OUT] This compass & ruler hands-on class was scheduled to run just before COVID hit. It had to be cancelled because it could not run online, which also means that this time around it is the only course without an online attendance option.

Platonic Esoteric Geometry

Tuesdays nights, 8 pm, weekly from 15 October 2019, Melbourne, North side

  • Get in touch with the universal form of experience
  • Open your eyes to similarity and self-similarity in nature, art and architecture.
  • Practice geometry as the ancients did without the tyranny of scale, without the distraction of numbers, without equations or algebra, and discover why it is the gateway to Platonism.
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