Summer Sessions starting soon

Doubling the Square

The full force of the southern Summer is finally upon us, and so it’s time to strip down to the toga for a heady dialogue with Plato.

If you have not already claimed a place in the circle, then there is still space in our February-March courses. But don’t dally! Bookings must close in the next few days.

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A modern adaption of Crito & Phaedo

Death of Socrates, Aylen & Miller, 1966, adapted from Plato’s Crito & Phaedo

The Spring Reading Plato groups are now moving on to one of Plato’s most influential dialogues, Phaedo, set in prison on Socrates’ last day. This modern British screen adaptation of Crito and Phaedo might aid engagement with the philosophical discussion.

Plato’s Republic

Divided Line

This week in Plato’s Republic we come to the famous part where Socrates must break into allegory to provide a glimpse of the ultimate goal of the philosopher’s education. The enduring fascination with ‘the divided line’ and Plato’s cave is introduced by this excellent podcast in The Secret History of Western Esotericism. Also check out this episode discussing the incredible recent findings on the mathematical structure underlying the text.