2 thoughts on “Platonic Esoteric Geometry begins”

    1. Mark, I have not read Konrad Gaiser before, but after a quick look there is much to commend. So many (linguistically imprisoned? math-phobic?) readers are blind to the pointers to something deeper, especially in the Republic and later dialogues, where the opposites one/not-one, odd/even, same/other, being/not-being point to the elements of a formal ontological that is at the same time a foundation of Mathematics. The ‘unwritten doctrines’ controversy seems entirely futile when arguing against such blindness. But, if Gaiser has gone beyond the debate and deeper into the foundations of Platonic math, then I would be interested to see.

      Are Gaiser’s books even translated? I did find some fine essays in English, including this one available through Google Books: “Plato’s Synopsis of the Mathematical Sciences” in The Other Plato — Bernie

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