Summer 2022 enrolments now open

Platonic Academy of Melbourne Christmas Break-up group 2021
Group at the Platonic Academy Christmas break-up, 2021

Enrolments are now open for Summer evening classes starting the week of Monday, 7 February 2022.

Alas, online-only: Once again this term we were eagerly anticipating a return to face-to-face classes. Alas, after consultation with some of our students we have decided that it would be best to continue online-only.

Those new to philosophy, or new to Plato, should first take our foundation course, Reading Plato (Mondays from 7 Feb). Even if you have studied some philosophy, our students recommend still taking this course as it helps with orientation towards an understanding of Plato that is strange to modern ears.

For continuing students, our new course Gorgias: Persuasion, Power & Passion considers a compelling debate between Socrates and two students of the great sophist Gorgias (Tuesdays from 8 Feb).

If you are hooked on Plato or want to get more involved, then please consider the benefits of becoming a member.